Privacy policy and data protection

This privacy policy includes the principles of treatment of personal data we collect in Suavinex, and in particular, those we know through our application, Suavinex Link. It is very important that you read and accept it before accessing, browsing or providing any personal information.

The privacy policy will be applicable to all the personal information of the Users of which Suavinex has knowledge. This policy is applied primarily and specifically to the data we obtain as a result of any contact relationship with your personal data through access and navigation in the Application, its connection with Smart Products Suavinex as well as, to the extent where applicable, in those other cases in which as a user you fill in any form in which we collect personal data (as in the cases of subscription to the newsletter, procedure for creating a personal account, filling in forms, etc.) ),

1. Responsible for the processing of your personal data

EXCLUSIVAS RIMAR, SL (Hereinafter, Suavinex) is the entity responsible for the processing of your personal data, for the purposes of the provisions of the General Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, Data Protection, (hereinafter, the RGPD).

EXCLUSIVAS RIMAR, SL provided with CIF B03074093. It is duly registered in the Commercial Registry of Alicante on Sheet A13748 Volume 1446 Folio 205. and has as its corporate purpose the commercialization of childcare products and child hygiene.

The company has its registered office and, consequently, its contact data are the following:

EXCLUSIVAS RIMAR, SL C / del Rublo, SN, plot R83-94 Polígono Las Atalayas, 03114, Alicante - Spain
Telephone: 96 528 74 11
Email: privacidad@gruposuavinex.com

2. Legal notice on protection of personal data in the application

The purpose of this section is to inform you about the General Policy of Privacy and Protection of Personal Data that we follow from Suavinex, and in particular, with respect to those that we collect through the Suavinex Link Application. This policy will be applicable to all personal information that we have knowledge of as a result of your access and navigation in the Application, as well as in those cases in which you fill in any form in which personal data are collected, without prejudice to what is indicated in the privacy clause that may be included in each specific form.

EXCLUSIVAS RIMAR, SL., As well as the rest of the companies belonging to its Business Group (hereinafter Suavinex), undertakes to comply at all times with the legislation in force regarding the protection of personal data and, in particular, with the General Regulations 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of Data Protection (hereinafter, the RGPD), the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, of Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights as well as any other regulation approved in the development of the same, including the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE).

The provisions contained in this document constitute the commitment of EXCLUSIVAS RIMAR, SL and the rest of the companies of its corporate group regarding the processing of your personal data, while they serve to inform you properly before you provide them to us. If we make any type of change in these policies we will notify you in advance of your application, giving you the opportunity to consult the new policies implemented to analyze the changes that may affect you and give you the opportunity to oppose you if you consider it appropriate, requesting, in any case , the relevant consents at all times.

We also inform you that you have the right to print a copy of them for your query at any time, as well as to require us to send them by electronic communication to the addresses that we have previously made available to you. Any type of communication, incidence or consultation in this matter will be duly taken care of by Suavinex upon request to any of the addresses previously indicated.

2.1. What kind of data do we collect about you? Where are you from?

In Suavinex we comply with the principle of minimization in the collection of personal data, so our goal is to store as little personal information as we need to provide the services you are requesting and to fulfill the purposes of data collection. Therefore, the personal information that Suavinex stores generally refers to identification data related to your name and surname, email account and contact information, through which we can send you various communications or send you our products.
With regard to the rest of the data requested during your navigation in the Application, they respond exclusively to the different functions available of the same, resulting in any case optional and discretionary for you to complete or not. The only data whose completion we compulsorily require in Suavinex Link are those related to your first name, email and password that we need to set up your account. With regard to the rest of the data that is requested, they are linked to your total discretion and failure to complete them will only entail the non-application of different functions according to your own choice,

In the particular case of Suavinex Link, we inform you that we know both personal and clinical data, which can be both concerning the parents, and relative to the profiles (children or pregnancies). Without limitation, the data we collect through Suavinex Link may be of the following types:

  1. Personal information:
  2. Clinical data:
  3. Connection data:

The categories of data collected may vary depending on the updates and revisions made to the application. In general, this description of categories is intended to cover any type of material and information that Users who access the application provide, host, or share when using the inks functionalities housed in it, including photographs, ultrasound, medical data and any type of information that you have voluntarily shared with us within the framework of the possibilities that Suavinex Link offers. You will always have the ability to provide or not provide the data that you request, in a totally voluntary manner, except those necessary to create and identify the User account (name,

By accepting this Privacy Policy you authorize us to process all the data you provide us according to the purposes that we detail below.

2.2. How have we obtained your data? Sources.

The data we obtain through the Suavinex Link application comes exclusively from the creation of the User account, as well as the process of navigation, interaction and use of the functionalities of the same.

On the other hand, in general, in Suavinex we treat personal data that may come from:

2.3. Why do we use your personal data? Purposes

When you access Suavinex Link to make use of its features, as well as the Suavinex website to comment on a post, send us an email, subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, make a purchase, or in general when you fill out any of our forms of data collection you are providing personal information for which Suavinex is responsible. The information and / or data that you provide as a User may be incorporated into the automated personal data file for which Suavinex is responsible for the sole purpose of managing the relationship we maintain with you in each case, whether to formalize your purchase order or in terms of information about our products and services, promotions or offers,

In this sense, the personal data that you provide us can be used for the following purposes:

As the owner of your data, you have the right to make an active selection of the treatment purposes that you expressly consent, as well as request clarification of any purpose that you consider appropriate.

In the event that at any time we decide to extend or modify any of the above purposes, we will send you a communication so that you expressly consent to this end, assuming the commitment not to carry out any treatment not included in the previously listed purposes.

Likewise, and in accordance with the provisions of the RGPD, Suavinex may obtain data from other Users through duly authorized third parties, within the framework of a legitimate transfer, as well as from sources accessible to the public, and undertakes to inform later than 1 month after obtaining the User with respect to the origin of the same and the rights that respect that the Regulation recognizes, and in any case, regarding the way to exercise their rights of access, information, transparency, rectification, deletion , opposition, limitation of the treatment and portability of the data in any case. In this sense, the promotional census is considered as a source accessible to the public,

2.4. Commercial communications:

In the event that you subscribe to our newsletter through the Suavinex Link application, we inform you that in compliance with the provisions of the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, in the forms provided for the collection of personal data or participation in any promotion, you will be expressly consenting to the subsequent use of your data to send commercial communications by any means you have provided us (regular mail, email, telephone ...).

In this sense, you authorize us to send you commercial communications to any of the means of contact you provide us.

2.5. Who will access your personal information? Our recipients

At Suavinex we will not pass on your personal data to third parties not related or expressly authorized by us or who are not part of our Business Group, with the exception that such transfer of data is covered by a legal obligation or when the provision of a service implies the need to establish a contractual relationship with service providers with whom a contractual relationship is maintained that guarantees their confidentiality and compliance with the requirements established in current regulations on the protection of personal data.
In this sense, we want to inform you that on certain occasions it may be necessary that the data you have provided us is communicated by Suavinex to the other companies that are part of our business group for internal administrative purposes, and in any case to ensure compliance with the indicated purposes. Therefore, if you do not want any of these companies to access your data from the registration form, you will not have to fill it out or send any data. Likewise, we inform you that your data will not be subject to international transfer to third countries without your prior information and express authorization.

The personal data we collect will only be accessible to those employees of Suavinex who need to know the same for the provision of the purposes indicated in point 2.3. of this privacy notice. Our employees will treat the accessed data with the confidentiality they deserve and only for the provision of authorized services, being prohibited any access to the data to unauthorized subjects, except legal obligation.

Likewise, we inform you that some of the tools we use to process your data are contracted by third parties, with which we commit ourselves to subscribe the relevant contracts of Treatment Managers for the proper treatment of your personal data.

2.6. What rights do you have in your status as an interested party? Rights and their exercise.

In compliance with the provisions of the RGPD, we inform you that you have the right to exercise your rights of transparency, information, access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, portability of data, and opposition recognized by the regulations. Suavinex is at your disposal in relation to the execution of any of the foregoing rights, so we will attend quickly any of the issues that you raise in this regard depending on your need.

To exercise the above, you can contact Suavinex at any time by using any of the following contact formats, indicating in your communication the right you want to use:

Ordinary mail:
EXCLUSIVAS RIMAR, SL, To the attention of the Legal Department.
Calle del Rublo, Industrial Estate Atalayas, Plot R83-94,
03114 Alicante, Spain


Likewise, we inform you that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting said withdrawal to the legality of the previous data processing based on a previous consent, taking into account, however, the legal requirements for the preservation of information. Similarly, you have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or with any other Control Authority that may be competent.

To exercise your rights, you must be able to prove ownership of the rights by displaying the national identity document or similar identification document.

2.7. What is our legitimacy to treat your data?

The personal data that you provide us through Suavinex Link will be treated legitimately on the basis of your consent, which we expressly require before you send us your information by marking the corresponding confirmation box. Remember that except for the minimum data required for the configuration of the account, all the other data that you provide through the platform are voluntary for you and its incorporation into the application is completely discretional on your part, not being in any way bound to provide us with the same.

In relation to the consent of the interested party, in case of not being satisfied with any of the points of this Privacy Policy (purposes, recipients with access to the data, conservation period or any other point expressed) we urge you not to send any personal information

Likewise, we inform you that you are not obliged to provide the personal data that we request in the contact forms, being totally voluntary your decision to communicate them to Suavinex. However, if you decide not to provide us with any of the information we have requested you, we may not be able to provide certain purposes or services, without this in any way implying any additional damage.

Regarding the rest of treatments performed by Grupo Suavinex in accordance with the purposes communicated in section 2.3., Which are not directly related to the use and navigation in the Suavinex Link Application, Creation and use of the Account as well as those derived from the connection between a Suavinex Intelligent Product and the same, the legitimation bases and legal preservation times applicable to them will be those established in the General Privacy Policy of Suavinex, accessible at all times to the user from https: //www.suavinex. com / privacy policy.

2.8. How long do we keep your personal information?

In Suavinex we take into account the needs of each data processing, and we undertake to eliminate the personal information of individuals once the same is no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were provided.

In general, taking into account the purposes we have described above, we inform you that your personal data obtained from your access and navigation in the Suavinex Link Application, we will continue to store them during all the time in which you continue to be interested in the purposes for which you gave them to us and that we have explained in section 2.3.

In this sense, from Suavinex we will continue making use of your data as long as the purposes that have been previously exposed continue unchanged in time or as long as you do not perform any action in the opposite direction through which we can understand that you no longer You are interested in them:

Accordingly, if at any time you cease to be interested in any of our communications or services, you can contact Suavinex by any means of those indicated to request the elimination of your personal information and the cessation of communications.


As you can check once you know and make use of the different functionalities available in our Application, Suavinex Link offers you the possibility to share all the information of your profile with a person previously authorized by you.
In these cases, we inform you that Suavinex is solely responsible for the data hosted on the platform, which deals with subject to applicable regulations. Once these data are shared with third parties or platforms outside of Suavinex Link, all the data, content and shared information remain outside our systems, so Suavinex is completely exempt from responsibility regarding how many actions, communications and general disclosures are made. carry out in relation to the information you share.

Therefore, please be aware of the importance and sensitivity of the data associated with your account, recommending you to use the ability to share or download them in a responsible manner, only with third parties of your maximum confidence and under the appropriate security measures and surveillance, which you must procure directly as the responsible head of it from that moment.

This recommendation is maintained with respect to those pdf documents that the application allows you to generate, as well as regarding the download of documents and content housed in it, so that once they are downloaded or shared, they remain outside the platform managed by Suavinex, this Party is exempt from liability regarding how many actions, communications and disclosures are carried out.


If, on the other hand, what was mentioned in the previous point in your case, you have received an invitation to view a profile of a third party, in this case we inform you that the invitation you receive is made in order to allow you to view the content hosted on such a profile, with the prior express authorization of the account holder, without being able to share or use said information for any other purpose.

Exclusivas Rimar, SL is not responsible for the use you make of the information to which you will have access. Please make a conscious and responsible use of the information and data displayed, as well as refrain from accepting erroneous invitations from third parties that you can not clearly identify.


The data of minors that can be provided for the purposes of the use of the application, and, therefore, collected in it, must only be shared by the holder of the parental authority of the minors, and, therefore, with sufficient capacity to grant the consent of the minors according to the capacity requirements.

The previous statement is an essential requirement for the correct use of the application and, therefore, the hosting of personal data of minors in it.


Suavinex adopts the technical and organizational security levels required by current legislation, to guarantee the security of personal data, avoiding their alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access. Likewise, Suavinex undertakes to review the personal data received and analyze the risk concerning them for the application of the protection measures that may be necessary.

In this regard, we inform you that the data you provide to Suavinex through Suavinex Link will be stored encrypted and on your own servers that no one can access without the necessary credentials. The use that each User makes of their data, once downloaded to their device, is beyond the scope of the Suavinex Link platform, being the sole responsibility of the User to safeguard said information.

Likewise, we inform you that all communication between the User's device and the servers will be encrypted by HTTPS protocol, so it will not be possible to obtain any data except from the User's own terminal.

However, technical security in a medium such as the Internet is not impregnable and there may be leaks due to fraudulent actions of third parties, which we commit ourselves to combat promptly, and which we will inform you of if necessary.

Likewise, we ask that you, as the owner of the personal data, maintain the appropriate security measures in order to create a secure environment in the framework of the use of the application.
In this regard, we ask you to use your user and password coordinates under rigorous parameters. In this sense, your username and password have to be chosen, searching at all times to guarantee access security. Likewise, in the event that the aforementioned access information is shared, it will be carried out in all cases under your responsibility, and must only be made to persons of trust and who comply with the same security requirements in the access and use of the application. , and, consequently, in the use of personal data.

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